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      Laser Hair Removal in Roswell GA

      Laser Hair Removal Roswell GA

      Put your tweezers, razors, bleaches, and creams away and discover the beauty of Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal helps put an end to unwanted hair on the face or body. Laser hair removal is a popular service for both men and women.

      Laser hair removal is a gentle and non-invasive lasting solution to unwanted hair on all body parts and on any skin type, including ethnic and dark complexions. Laser hair removal is very safe, effective, quick and has very little, if any, side effects. Because hair growth occurs in stages, multiple treatments are usually required to get optimal results.

      Laser hair removal is tolerated well by most people. Laser hair removal is a quick in-office procedure. Following treatment, you can typically resume all regular activities immediately. Four to eight treatments are generally needed.

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      Our Location

      1130 Upper Hembree Rd
      Roswell, GA 30076

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